Korfballshop from AFM Sports Ltd

AFM Sports is a UK based supplier and retailer of Mikasa Korfballs and Korfball baskets and equipment that has been in operation since 1998. During which time we have supplied a range of orders to the Korfball community around the UK as well as a number of countries around the world.

Our customers include clubs, school, colleges and Universities around the UK, clubs and governing bodies worldwide and a great number of individual Korfballers both in the UK and abroad. We have also assisted UK governing bodies in respect of large orders funded by grants and such orders can sometimes prove stressful, time consuming and costly when dealing with the wrong supplier, as a UK governing body found out in recent years when it choose a Netherlands based distributor to supply a large order.

We have been a proud sponsor of the English Korfball Associations and a number of English Korfball Clubs and were the number one sponsor of the UK's Korfball School of Excellence Program which played a key role in developing many of English Korfball's leading players

Our efforts over the years have ensured that the prices of Mikasa Korfballs have remained stable for a number of years, despite the efforts of some larger enterprises, and the price of a K5 Korfball is still some £10 cheaper than it was in the UK before AFM Sports was established. AFM Sports continues to support Korfball around the world and in recent years has sponsored the English national squads, as well as the EKA County championships and a range of club and other events players  

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